The Radio and Television of Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Public Broadcasting Service of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is an umbrella broadcasting organization and the only member of the European Broadcasting Union from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
BHRT grew out of RTV Sarajevo in 1992. BHRT currently consists of :
BHT1 (Television of Bosnia-Herzegovina) a national public television channel and
BH Radio 1 the national radio service.

Doktor Fried is a merger of two successful Serbian companies: Doktor Productions and Fried Pictures. After years of cooperation, they have decided to combine their resources, knowledge and staff.
They have cooperated with numerous high-ranking clients and brands, including: Dahlia, Beohemija, Telekom, Orion, Alpha bank, Piraeus bank, Swatch, Kraft foods, OTP bank, Delta sport, MTV, Raiffeisen bank, UK band Skunk Anansie and did service productions for numerous production companies all over Europe.

Fabrika's beginnings go back to 1985, when TRIO design team was founded, but the name FABRIKA does not emerge until 1989, when a group of designers decide to expand their studio into an agency. Fabrika grows with each year, and is, on today's market, competing with international chain agencies. Fabrika rates as one of the three biggest full service agencies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, ana delivers services to both domestic and international clients.
Fabrika is a full service marketing agency offering to its clients total communication programs, as well as services of strategic marketing analysis and media market analysis. Fabrika's in-house facilities consist of graphic design stations, video and audio editing suites, audio studio for recording and mastering, video animation and postproduction facilities.

Médiaszolgáltatás-támogató és Vagyonkezelő Alap (MTVA) (English: Media Services and Support Trust Fund) is the cooperation of the four public media services; Magyar Rádió, Magyar Televízió, Duna Televízió, and Magyar Távirati Iroda.

Radio Television of Serbia is the public broadcaster in Serbia. It broadcasts and produces a variety of news, drama, and sports programming through radio, television and the Internet. RTS is, since July 2001, a member of the European Broadcasting Union. RTS is also the biggest broadcaster in the former Yugoslavia and the Balkans. Formerly, it was known as Radio Television Belgrade (RTB).
RTS has four radio programmes, two TV programmes and one TV programe broadcast via satelite; several TV studios, large archives of TV programmes and a music production company owned by the television network, called PGP-RTS.

Radio Television of Vojvodina is the public broadcaster in the province of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, with headquarters in Novi Sad. RTV Vojvodina broadcasts programme in languages of minorities living in Vojvodina; certain TV shows are also translated into Sign language.
RTV Vojvodina includes radio channels Radio Novi Sad 1 in Serbian, Radio Novi Sad 2 in Hungarian and Radio Novi Sad 3 in languages of other minorities. RTV television channels are RTV 1 which broadcast in Serbian and RTV 2 broadcast in Serbian and minority languages.

Radio-Television of Slovenia is Slovenia's national public broadcasting organization. Based in the country's capital, Ljubljana, it has regional broadcasting centres in Koper and Maribor and correspondents around Slovenia, Europe and the world. There are 3 national and 4 regional radio services, all broadcast in Slovenian, and they can all be heard online as well. RTV Slovenija also finances the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra and the Big Band RTV Slovenija.
RTV Slovenija's national television networks, which can be watched all over Slovenia, are based in Ljubljana and are broadcast in Slovenian, are: TV Slovenija 1, TV Slovenija 2, TV Slovenija 3, as well as TV Slovenija 1 HD and TV Slovenija 2 HD – in high-definition. Regional RTV centres are TV Koper/Capodistria (broadcast in Slovenian and Italian, recieved beyond Slovenian borders) and Televizija Maribor (broadcast in Slovenian, but also has Hungarian language programming).

Rudesign is a young team of architects, founded in 2010 in Novi Sad, working on projecting objects, spacial arranging and design of furniture.
Their goal is the unity of function, form and the spacial demand; in addition to that, when projecting 3D spacial visualisation, they make an adequate assesment of means needed for the project reliasation; they show photos of conducted projects, and computer visualisation of the idea-final state ratio.

Credo of the Via Media company from Bosnia-Herzegovina is: It takes the work of all of our departments to find and develop the best solution for your goals.
Their services include: research (analysis of gathered information, establishing focus groups, processing gathered information, SWOT and PEST analysis), strategic planning (strategic development and positioning, implementation of a strategy, brand strategy), all kinds and forms of design, media planning (media market analysis, competitive analysis, post buy evaluation), advertising via all available means and media, promotion (promotion strategy development and implementation, corporate and public event management), public relations (PR strategy development and implementation, company communications, media relations, strategic consulting, communication in times of crisis), production (recording, editing, mixing and mastering of audio and video material, video graphics, color corrections, 3D and 2D animation).
Via Media clients include: EUROVISION song contest; Embassy of the USA in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina; Dukat; Konzum; HT Eronet; Unicef; UNDP; Aljazeera; BHTelekom, and Lutrija BiH.